Saturday, May 21, 2022

WATCH: Fighter Loses Finger Mid-Fight At CFFC 94

On Thursday night, CFFC was set for two events in two days and in the co-main event, Khetag Pliev, of Toronto stole the show, and not because of his fight.

During his co-main event scrap against Devin Goodale at 180-pounds, Pliev and Goodale were engaging in a very entertaining scrap. However, at the end of the second round, Pliev grabbed his hand and when he went to the corner, the camera showed his hand were he lost a finger.

Shortly after the fight, the PA put an announcement out that they were looking for his finger. The good news for Pliev was the fact they ended up finding his finger inside his glove.

For Goodale, who won the fight, he didn’t even know what to think about the win.

“I can’t remember anything, I don’t know,” Goodale said (via MMAFighting). “I got hit by something apparently—I don’t remember what happened.”

After the fight, Pliev was rushed to hospital and got his finger reattached.

CFFC President,  Rob Haydek also addressed the incident at the end of the event.

“How bizarre was that,” Haydek said. “When the fight ended, I heard. I was at cageside, obviously. I went inside and they were like, ‘His finger’s missing.’ I was like, ‘I understand it’s April Fool’s day…’ And then I look down and it literally was just bone.”

“It dislodged,” Haydek continued. “It disconnected. My first question to him was, ‘Where’s the finger?’ We thought it was outside the cage, we had no idea, and they’re saying it’s actually inside the glove. So how does that happen if he’s pulling the finger out? So I’m anxious to see the video, play it back multiple times from different camera angles, and really see what happened there because that is absolutely bizarre.”

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