Monday, January 17, 2022

2 Double-Champs Heap Praise On Claressa Shields Ahead Of MMA Debut

There are some lofty expectations being placed upon Olympic boxing champion and PFL newcomer Claressa Shields.

On June 10, Claressa Shields’s MMA career will be officialized when she steps into the cage to face Brittney Elkin. This will not be a part of the PFL lightweight regular season but will be a one-off fight, similar to the deal Kayla Harrison’s performed under in her first year with the PFL.

Speaking of Harrison, when she recently called herself the baddest woman in any room she’s in, former UFC double-champion Daniel Cormier stated that this statement was putting Amanda Nunes and Claressa Shields on notice.

“Paging Claressa Shields…Paging teammate Amanda Nunes…she’s saying, ‘I’m the baddest in any room I step into.’…If Kayla Harrison finds her way down to 145lbs, I don’t know who can go with her,” Cormier said on a recent installment of DC & Helwani. 

With Harrison and Nunes being teammates at American Top Team and Shields and Harrison fighting in the same promotion, Harrison’s comment could be interpreted as her saying that she is badder than those two particular females. This may have been the interpretation that led Cormier to make these remarks. But Claressa Shields seemed to be of the impression that Cormier was prematurely putting her in the same category of these proven MMA fighters before she even steps into the cage.

“Lol @dc_mma love ya man but I’m not even in the PFL tournament this year. I haven’t even fought my MMA debut yet. Can I at least get my feet wet before I start mentioned with these Great MMA fighters???? I’m just asking lol”

Cormier heard the boxing champion loud and clear, but he reassured her that she will live up to the hype that he and others are bestowing upon her.

“Take your time champ, when you are ready I am certain you will stand alongside the greats. Where else would you be? You’ve always been a champion. You got my support, I’m excited to watch your journey!”

Another Notorious Double-Champion Gives Shields Respect Ahead Of Debut

Even if Shields falls short of these expectations, there was another past double-champion who also extended his respect to Shields for even agreeing to make the transition when other boxers have refused to do so.

“Respect this multi-weight boxing world champion! Competing in her first MMA fight next month. A rare occurrence that is to be lauded with praise!  Real courage a lot of her male counterparts do not possess. Good luck Claressa! Another multi-weight, multi-sport savage! Welcome,” Conor McGregor wrote.

This may have also been a shot at Floyd Mayweather, who, during the MayMac buildup in 2017, stated he’d be willing to fight McGregor in MMA. Unlike Mayweather and other boxers who have tried to lure MMA fighters into a boxing fight instead of crossing over themselves, Claressa Shields is courageously venturing into foreign waters. And whether she sinks or swims, she deserves applause just for the dive. 

Do you think Claressa Shields will live up to the hype?

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