Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Alan Jouban Has Announced His Retirement From MMA

Longtime UFC welterweight and broadcaster, Alan Jouban has announced his retirement from MMA.

Alan Jouban has been a staple of the UFC welterweight division since he came to the organization back in 2014. He has a rollercoaster of a career, with ups and downs, but now that ride has come to an end. Jouban has announced the end of his mixed martial arts career on his personal social media account.

“I’d like to officially announce my retirement from MMA,” Jouban wrote. “Fighting and the UFC have given me everything I have today! I would not change a single thing from my journey because I got to live my dream and not know what was next. My coaches, my teammates, those of you that were a part of this, I appreciate you so much! Thank you to my supporters and even my opponents along the way. Injuries, age, and life have shown me that it’s time. If I can’t compete to my fullest, then I won’t.”

Jouban had 13 fights inside the Octagon, and although he never reached the top of the welterweight division, he has fought some tough competition over the years. He has lost three of his last five prior to this retirement announcement. His last fight however was a win over Jared Gooden at UFC 255. Although he didn’t get the chance to leave his gloves in the Octagon, Jouban is walking away on top.

“So I’ll focus my time now on broadcasting where I can still share my passion and knowledge for the sport with everyone at home. Thank you to everyone for all the love over the years. I look forward to becoming a staple in the sport from this end now as well.”

Aside from fighting, Jouban has a successful modeling career. He has been the face of a Versace ad in the past and continues to appear in ads. He is also working with the UFC broadcast team and has been behind the desk more often lately. His retirement from fighting can leave him to continue to improve in his commentary position and work his way up among the UFC color commentary team.

What was your favorite Alan Jouban fight moment of his career?

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