Sunday, November 28, 2021

Anderson Silva Upset UFC Would Stop GSP From Being Able To Box

Anderson Silva has departed from the UFC, and it’s not surprising that the “Spider” has been caught in a promotional web from time to time but this time it’s a different fighter.

Following his release from the promotion after more than a 16-year run, it will be downright impossible to replicate the type of magic and imagination Anderson Silva brought into a fight. The Brazilian was able to marry his striking and movement and all along the way educated fans, peers, and media alike.

After a devastating finish by strikes against Uriah Hall, the general consensus seemed to be that Anderson Silva would be leaving combat sports for good. However, Silva isn’t done fighting, as it was announced that the “The Spider” would face the legend Julio César Chávez Jr in a boxing exhibition match.

Anderson Silva Comments On GSP Wanting To Box Outside Of UFC

Lately, other veteran UFC fighters have been exploring free agency, and Georges St-Pierre is one of them. Ater GSP attempted to put a boxing match together against Oscar De La Hoya, Dana White prevented it from happening. Anderson Silva would have liked to see GSP have this opportunity, but contracts with the UFC are very difficult to opt out of.

“I think it no make sense, especially because Georges did a lot for the sport, especially for UFC,” Anderson Silva said while talking to media during an open workout before his boxing bout with Chavez Jr. “Why you hold the guy? This no makes sense…

“Georges is a fighter,” Silva continued. “You can’t hold a fighter. It’s the same if you take the lion in the jungle and put him inside the cage. The lion is going to die. You can’t do that. Nobody can do that. This makes no sense. This is terrible, terrible. Completely terrible.”

In the end, the circumstances are far from ideal but it’s definitely a step in the right direction when fighters begin to stick up for one another. Perhaps more communication and collective bargaining can lead the athletes to a more luxurious road ahead without being such contractual restraints.

Do you think Anderson Silva is right? Should GSP have been allowed to box Oscar De La Hoya? Let us know!

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