Thursday, June 30, 2022

Bye-Bye Triller, Jake Paul Signs With Showtime Sports For Next Fights

Jake Paul has inked a deal with Showtime Sports for his next boxing matches.

As reported by ESPN on Wednesday, Jake Paul will not be continuing his relationship with Triller Fight Club for his next bout but will instead be partnering with Showtime Sports. In fact, there are already advanced talks in progress for Paul’s next opponent according to the report, and word has it that a big fight announcement is brewing. It was also revealed in the report that the deal is for more than one fight.

Jake Paul’s advisor Nakisa Bidarian issued the following statement after the news dropped:

“Jake is proud of the events he participated in with Triller and appreciates the opportunities they afforded him,” Bidarian told ESPN. “Jake is excited to continue his boxing career with Showtime Boxing. Fight announcement coming soon.”

Jake Paul also reacted to the news by releasing the following tweet;

“It’s Showtime.”

Jake Paul’s last fight with Triller Fight Program reportedly pulled in anywhere between 1.2-1.6 million buys. This figure is not without controversy and dispute, though, as Triller has filed a $100 million lawsuit against pirates of the event. Triller will not have to worry about any illegal streamers this time around. In fact, they may decide to pirate the event themselves out of spite after Paul decided to sign with another company.

When news drops on who Paul’s next opponent is, we’ll have the scoop for you right here on, so stay tuned!

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