Thursday, July 7, 2022

Chael Sonnen Responds To Jones’ Tirade With More Unrelenting Trolling

Chael Sonnen has gone on a troll-tweeting spree in response to Jon Jones‘s tirade aimed at him yesterday.

There is an expression that Jon Jones himself once referenced, which is that if you win the fight, you win the argument. Chael Sonnen clearly doesn’t subscribe to this aphorism and is once again intent on getting the last word, eight years after his first-round loss to Jones.

After Jones teased that he is going to “give birth to something big,” Sonnen had a good laugh at it and shared his amusement with his Twitter followers. Jones then responded with a flurry of Tweets attacking Sonnen by (among other things) questioning “The American Gangster’s” ongoing fixation with him, wondering if Sonnen’s wife shares the same fixation, and reminding him of the outcome of their 2013 encounter at UFC 159. You can review the battery of tweets here.

Following Jones’s social-media haymakers, Sonnen countered with the following comedic jabs:

“I beat you. I tore your toe off. FACE IT,” Sonnen said in reference to the toe injury Jones sustained in their bout eight years ago.

“You tried to play Chess against Dana White when you can’t win at Checkers against Betty White. You’re alone, bitter, & bored Come grapple on SUG again I gotchoo $5K.” The above tweet is referencing Jones’s appearance in Sonnen’s Submission Underground in 2016 against Dan Henderson. Keep up, people.

“Jon… Got your SUG contract here. FedExing to you at the intersection of Irrelevant Ave and Obscurity St, Nowheresville, USA.”

“Is it my fault my wife is hotter than the pics you had on the walls of your prison-cell?”

“I’d attack your wife…. But…..Y’ain’t GOT one I guess multiple rehab stints, arrests, and booking it after crashing into pregnant women don’t exactly scream “marriage material”, does it?”

Sonnen would then return to the original topic of Jones’s announcement, attempting to unearth what it could be.

“The ONLY thing that might contain the COMEDY FIRE I’m INCINERATING you with is the Cold, Hard, Reality of your “Big Announcement”. So What is it, guy?”

“Did You…

-Switch Tequila Brands?

-Get a prosthetic toe?

-Drive w/o crashing?

-Stop dismantling your legacy?

-Make a video when you’re not crying or under arrest? .

..Am I gettin’ warm?”

“Or did you…

-Acknowledge the fact that you’re essentially out of the fight business?

-Set up a GoFundMe for Auto Collision Repairs and Sake Bombs?

-Install a Spell/Grammar check APP on your phone?

-Ask the Commission to acknowledge your loss to me (TOT- Torn-Off Toe)”

This is not the first time Sonnen has hosted a troll-tweeting marathon in dishonor of Jon Jones that carried over into the next day. In fact, this gangster may still have some more rounds in the chamber waiting to be fired at Jonny Bones, though Jones may consider the real battle to be long over.

For years, the Octagon has been Jones’s domain of dominance, where disputes have always ended with his arm getting raised. However, in trash-talking battles hosted in the arena of social media, Chael P. Sonnen is pretty tough to beat and refuses to accept defeat.

What are your thoughts on Chael Sonnen’s latest Twitter onslaught on Jon Jones?

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