Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Chandler Explains Why He “Stands By” Pre-Fight Oliveira Criticism

Michael Chandler is standing by his comments that Charles Oliveira quits during adversity in fights.

In the lead-up to UFC 262 and Chandler facing Oliveira for the vacant belt, he said the Brazilian has a history of quitting in fights when the going gets tough. It has been a knock on him in his career as many point to the Paul Felder, and Max Holloway losses.

However, in the main event of the card, Chandler dropped Oliveira late in the first round and was landing down heavy shots but the Brazilian survived. Then, just seconds into the second-round, Oliveira dropped Chandler and finished him via strikes just 19 seconds into the round to become the new lightweight champ.

Although Oliveira overcame the adversity in the fight, Chandler says he still stands by his comments.

Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler, Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

“Yeah, he showed that he had the gull to get through that. I mean, he got dropped. He got hurt. I was on top of him. He’s really long and did a really good job of tying me up so I couldn’t really rain down too hard punches or elbows. But he definitely got through some adversity tonight,” Chandler said at the post-fight press conference. “So I still stand by what I said. I don’t hype up fights by being facetious or overstating things. I called it like I saw it. And he showed tonight that he is tougher than a lot of us thought he was. So hats off to him. He is our champion now at 155, and I’m coming for the belt again.”

With the loss, Michael Chandler is now 1-1 in the UFC but will remain a top-five lightweight. He nearly finished the fight in the first but is now back to the drawing board as he looks to earn his way back to a title shot. He will likely fight again in the late summer or early fall against an opponent to be determined.

What do you make of Michael Chandler standing by comments that Oliveira quits during adversity?

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