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Charles Oliveira Considers Michael Chandler A One-Trick Pony He’s Unafraid Of

Before the two are set to face each other for the vacant lightweight title at UFC 262, Charles Oliveira believes Michael Chandler to be a one-trick pony.

Following the retirement of former lightweight great Khabib Nurmagomedov, it was announced that the former 3X Bellator lightweight champion would get a crack at the vacant title, but he will be looking down the barrel of one of the most dangerous third-degree jiu-jitsu black belts come fight night.

The path for either athlete to the top won’t be easy. With over ten years competing in the UFC, Oliveira has paved his own way and defied odds that were placed on him at a young age by doctors and his parents. At UFC 262, top-rated lightweights will look to accomplish their dream and attain the highly coveted title they have sought for their entire professional careers.

Michael Chandler, Charles Oliveira
Michael Chandler, Charles Oliveira, Images via MMA Junkie

In the end, it seems the submission record-holder in the UFC believes that his opponent Chandler is a one trick pony with little versatility. In particular, the ten year UFC veteran spoke about how he envisions the fight playing out.

“I’ll respect him, but I’ll walk forward the entire time,” Oliveira said to MMA Fighting. “If he comes to hit me hard, he’ll eat a counter. We both walk forward all the time. It will be two trucks colliding. I’m not afraid of getting hit. Hit me. If he takes me down, I’ll be doing what I love the most, which is jiu-jitsu. I’m not worried if I stay on the feet or get taken down.

“Do Bronx” admits that both fighters like to move forward and that he isn’t afraid to take a hit. Additionally, Charles Oliveira believes he has an answer no matter where the fight might unfold. The top lightweight believes that if Chandler opts to use his wrestling that it would all be in vain. Specifically, because of Oliveria’s ability to submit an opponent from so many different positions. In the end, Oliveria believes Chandler to be one-dimensional inside of the Octagon and deems his weapons incomplete compared to his own.

“All he has is a heavy hand, a heavy punch. I’m complete on the feet and complete on the ground. The only thing he has better than me is wrestling, but I’ll use my jiu-jitsu if he tries to wrestle me so it makes no difference to me.” Charles Oliveria said.

Interestingly, Oliveira acknowledges Chandler’s wrestling ability but mostly sees it being canceled out by his submission prowess. Oliveira’s opponent Chandler exploded onto the UFC scene when he flatlined Dan Hooker in the first round of his co-main event spot to the UFC 257 Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier show.

Do you agree with Charles Oliveira that Michael Chandler is a one-dimensional opponent? Let us know!

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