Monday, November 28, 2022

Conor McGregor Pitches Hosting Diego Sanchez vs. Joshua Fabia Fight

Always the visionary, Conor McGregor has a big idea for his next business project: hosting a fight between Diego Sanchez and Joshua Fabia.

Last week, news broke that Diego Sanchez has decided to sever all business ties with the controversial Joshua Fabia. A statement from Sanchez explaining his decision is expected this week. While we wait, Conor McGregor has already strutted forward with an idea of what should come next for the free agent Sanchez and his notorious former guru.

“Sanchez vs. Fabia. McGregor Sports and Entertainment,” McGregor proposed.

There’s nothing theoretically standing in the way of this fight happening, seeing as how Sanchez is not currently under contract with anyone and Fabia remains unshackled by any company or by society’s conventions.

If this somewhat random tweet actually did materialize into a sanctioned pay-per-view fight, it would be widely expected to do big business, especially with a promotional mastermind like Conor McGregor running point behind the operation.

There may be somewhat of a conflict of interest here, though, as McGregor has shared his disdain for Fabia and his past influence over Sanchez. After the training video of Fabia striking a hanging Diego Sanchez was released, McGregor had this to say in a since-deleted tweet:

“This is just madness. I’ll break this thing’s nose in half. This is not the move, Diego, my bro. I been with ye the whole way and still am. But this is not on. It was unfair treatment by commentary and fans on your last performances imo, for sure. But not on this guy, 0-0. Ditch.”

Instead of McGregor breaking Fabia in half, he has proposed the next best thing: an empowered Diego Sanchez doing it himself on McGregor’s dime.

How much would you be willing to pay to see Diego Sanchez fight Joshua Fabia?