Saturday, November 27, 2021

Dan Hardy To UFC: Go Ahead & Release Nick Diaz Too So We Can Fight

Dan Hardy fancies a fight against the bad boy legend of MMA, Nick Diaz.

Recently, Hardy requested his release from his fight contract with the UFC so that he may fight in other promotions such as RIZIN or ONE Championship in Asia. On Tuesday, Hardy indicated through a gif on his Twitter account to express that he was free from the UFC in quite a comical fashion.

Now that “The Outlaw” appears to be away from the clutches of the UFC, the Englishman turned his attention towards Nick Diaz, expressing that the UFC should release him so that he could have a legends fight with the Stockton Native under PRIDE rules in RIZIN.

“If Uncle Dana doesn’t think @nickdiz209 actually wants to fight, they should release him so we can fight on #Rizin in Japan. Old school #PrideFC style. The #GoldenAge of #MMA”

Hardy is referencing the meeting the UFC president Dana White had with Diaz, where White recently expressed that he wasn’t sure whether Diaz really has the fiery desire to fight again.

What are your thoughts on Dan Hardy calling out for Nick Diaz’s release from the UFC? Do you think a fight between the two legends could materialise?

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