Thursday, May 26, 2022

Derek Brunson Claims He & Darren Till Have Agreed To Fight

Derek Brunson says he and Darren Till have agreed to fight one another.

After Brunson scored a dominant decision win over Kevin Holland in March, he called for a fight with Paulo Costa. However, the Brazilian hasn’t responded so Brunson has turned his attention to Till, and according to Brunson, he believes it is a scrap that can be made soon.

“I think that’s a fight I’d like to have. I always wanted to fight Till. He’s a very good standup, very tricky guy. He has a huge following,” Brunson said to ESPN. “I think it’d be a big fight. I wanted to fight Costa, but he’s not saying much, so maybe I’ll let that rest a little bit. And Till wants to fight; I want to fight; so I think that’s a fight we can get done.”

Why Derek Brunson believes a fight with Till can be made is the fact the two DM one another and have verbally agreed to the bout. It does make sense ranking wise and the winner could very well be in line for a title shot or a number one contender bout.

“We speak more in DMs than we do on Twitter. He talks a lot of trash; I talk a lot of trash to him. But it’s all fun and games. Like I said, he wants to fight me, I want to fight him. I think Izzy wanted to fight him next, but he gotta win a fight. So it’s a good opportunity for both of us. We both wanna get that title shot and fight Izzy or whoever the champion is, and we both need wins to do that, so I think that’s a marquee fight to make.” 

Derek Brunson
Derek Brunson, Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Brunson vs. Till could also headline a Fight Night card this summer and would be an intriguing style matchup given Till is a long striker while Burnson would likely want to grapple him.

The lead-up to the bout would also be filled with trash-talk, as Till likes to poke fun at his opponent. Yet, Brunson is confident in his skill set but knows it would be a tough fight.

“I think he’s a game opponent. He’s gonna come out there and fight you. He’s got a win over Wonderboy, Wonderboy has a win over Whittaker,” Brunson concluded. “So he’s definitely a reputable opponent, and he has a high skill set. He’s very tricky.”

Would you like to see Derek Brunson vs. Darren Till?

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