Thursday, January 27, 2022

Lewis: “Punch-Drunk” Miocic Won’t Be The Same After Ngannou KO

Derrick Lewis thinks Stipe Miocic is done fighting after his KO loss to Francis Ngannou.

Derrick Lewis has been around the UFC heavyweight division since 2014. He has had his fair share of KO wins and has also been on the losing end himself as well. Lewis has an opinion of former champion Stipe Miocic after his devastating loss to Francis Ngannou, he thinks he is done. Lewis was a guest on The Schmo show and spoke about Miocic.

“I think this might be it for Stipe,” Lewis said. “He’s punch drunk and has been hit too many times. I don’t think he’s going anywhere up in his career after that.”

Lewis is next up to challenge for the title and face Ngannou for the second time. He knows firsthand how hard Ngannou hits and was able to walk away after the first meeting with his hand raised. Ngannou has been known to send fighters into the shadow realm with his hard striking, but Lewis believes that he has the answer as he did back in 2018.

As for Miocic, he has no fights on the horizon. Briefly, a rumored bout with Jon Jones was thrown out there, but Jones quickly squashed that proposition. Miocic has fought five times in the past two and a half years, but all five times were against only two opponents, Ngannou and Daniel Cormier. If Ngannou wins and the UFC can get negotiations under wraps with Jon Jones, Miocic could need a number one contender fight to make his way back to the title shot. If Lewis wins, and Jon Jones is not ready or interested, Miocic could slide right in.

Do you think Stipe Miocic will fight again, or is Derrick Lewis right about him?

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