Thursday, January 27, 2022

Diego Sanchez in Talks with UFC, Enrolls in Brain Health Study

As public exchanges between Diego Sanchez and the UFC become ever more revealing and salacious, Sanchez is currently in discussion with the UFC and intends to undergo a Professional Athletes Brain Health Study. The study itself will be funded in part by UFC.

Sanchez has been a hot topic on MMA and sports entertainment news due to being cut by the UFC after making a medical records request at the behest/recommendation of his notorious self-awareness coach, Joshua Fabia. Many UFC fighters have been vocal about Fabia’s influence on Sanchez and accuse Fabia of manipulating Sanchez, especially after training footage leaked where Fabia had Sanchez blindfolded and was striking Sanchez in the head with punches and kicks.

Joshua Fabia “training” with Diego Sanchez…

UFC President Dana White has publicly chastised Fabia, calling him “controlling” and “bat[expletive] nuts,” but has also stated that he wants the best for Sanchez, who has been with the organization since The Ultimate Fighter Season One.

“We’re talking, man,” Sanchez told MMA Fighting. “We’re going to do some studies and get myself and my mental health and everything documented by the doctors at the Cleveland Health Clinic… they’re going to pay for me to go to. We’re going to see how that goes, and then we’re going to get a second opinion.”

The overall result of the study and Diego agreeing to pursue it remain unclear at the moment. Sanchez is obviously seeking clarity and answers in regards to his brain health, but whether this will result in Sanchez fighting for the UFC again is still a mystery. Sanchez has also voiced intentions of becoming a positive influence to young aspiring fighters, possibly even cautioning against becoming a professional fighter all together.

Although it could be telling of where the situation will be headed since it’s fairly clear that Sanchez assumes a second opinion will be necessary, there’s a good chance there will be more back-and-forth between Sanchez and the UFC, not to mention more input from the controversial Joshua Fabia.

What are your thoughts on Sanchez being in talks with the UFC again?

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