Saturday, May 21, 2022

Drakkar Klose Takes Issue With White’s Comments On Stephens Shove

Drakkar Klose is unpleased with how things played out after Jeremy Stephens shoved him at the UFC Vegas 24 weigh ins.

The highly touted fight was called off after it was revealed that Drakkar Klose suffered not only a concussion but a cervical sprain of the neck. Since all were directly related to the incident with Stephens at the weigh-ins, the fight was scrapped and the two clearly have unfinished business now. In the aftermath, it appears Klose is recovering fine and willing to fight, but he says he is more than willing to fight Stephens “on sight” or whenever he sees the fellow UFC athlete around.

A week after the incident, Klose mentioned that he overheard comments that UFC president Dana White made in regard to the way Stephens acted. White placed the blame on matchmaker Sean Shelby for failing to prevent the incident instead of on Stephens himself. Afterward, the 33-year-old lightweight voiced his mind in a recent Youtube series episode of What The Heck with Mike Heck.

“According to Dana White, that’s a savage move he did,” Klose said to MMAFighting. “I had seen some interview and he was talking like, ‘Jeremy’s a savage’ – no, that’s a bitch move. I believe I should’ve gotten paid both [win and show money], I came, I was being professional and I did everything possible. He f*cked it up, not me.

Drakkar Klose believes that he was entitled to both his win and show money. It would appear that the lightweight isn’t quite over the unfortunate events that unfolded. Klose acknowledges that he was a professional and did everything right, and realizes that it wasn’t a mistake he made. In addition, Drakkar Klose highlighted that the actions of Stephens bring about a bad example in the sport.

“I like [UFC matchmaker] Sean [Shelby]. It wasn’t his fault. We signed a contract and we’re professionals. Act professional. “It sucks. I came, I was professional and I got injured on the job,” Klose continued. “All I know is any other sport, if they do something like that, they either get fined or suspended. So it just sets a bad example for everyone else.

In the end, Drakkar Klose is a professional and wants to see more of that in his sport. In an effort to underline his point, the lightweight also likened the incident to a different sport and believes that the results and repercussions would be much harsher.

Do you think Jeremy Stephens should have faced harsher penalties for shoving Drakkar Klose at the weigh-ins for UFC Vegas 24? Let us know below!

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