Saturday, January 22, 2022

Former UFC Fighter Believes Sanchez’s Fears For His Life Are Warranted

There’s at least one person in the MMA community who believes Diego Sanchez’s fears for his life are warranted.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Diego Sanchez is concerned that the UFC might murder him and make it appear to be an accident. This is because of Sanchez being critical of the organization after his release in regards to their allegedly autocratic and cutthroat business practices. 

Former UFC fighter Leslie Smith has long echoed such sentiments, which is what led to her beginning Project Spearhead, an organization that looks to finally unionize MMA fighters. In fact, Smith filed a legal complaint against the UFC regarding employee rights back in 2018. So while much of the world may have found Sanchez’s comments to be more concerning for his mental health than his physical health, Smith believes he has good reason to be afraid. She even has a story about a dead prostitute to help back up her reasoning.

“When I was speaking against the UFC many people told me I was asking to get hurt and that I needed to watch my back. Lots of people brought up the time a dead prostitute was in the room next to BJ Penn before a title fight as an example of methods they’re not afraid to use,” Smith posted.

Leslie Smith currently competes for Bellator MMA and is scheduled to fight Cris Cyborg on May 21 at Bellator 259. The Project Spearhead website is still up and running. Perhaps she can partner with Sanchez to help bring about the changes they feel are needed so that other fighters will not have to worry about suffering the same fate as the unnamed prostitute in the room adjacent to MMA great BJ Penn’s. 

Does Leslie Smith’s remarks change your perspective at all on Diego Sanchez’s fears for his life?

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