Sunday, January 23, 2022

Georges St-Pierre Explains Why The Paul Brothers Are So Successful

Georges St-Pierre is giving props to Logan and Jake Paul for the way they are running their boxing careers.

Georges St-Pierre is a man who ran a successful MMA career and stepped away at a time that was right for him. St-Pierre is retired from fighting but after such a long career he is looking at the next generation and making some observations. He recently spoke on the topic of celebrity boxing and the success that the Paul brothers have found.

“I’m not one of the haters,” St-Pierre told “I think they’re doing well. They’re great athletes and they ride the wave, they make a lot of money with it, and I’m glad for him. My friend Jean Pascal trained with one of them in Puerto Rico, I think they’re both there actually. He said they work very hard, they’re hard workers, they ride the wave, you know. It’s a new era with social media and all that, so why not, you know? Who would not have done it? Who would not take advantage of it? And they do it.”

Jake and Logan Paul have burst onto the scene and have worked their way into some big fights. Jake’s last fight with former UFC fighter Ben Askren got him fame, paid well and now he is being called out by other UFC fighters. Logan is set to face one of the best boxers of all time. These fights are spectacles and Tiller, the promotion is capitalizing on that according to St-Pierre.

“Triller, what they do, they make like a freak show, so to speak,” St-Pierre said. “They want to give people what they want to see, so now it’s a new era. People want to see who is the best fighter in the world, yes, that’s what real boxing fight, Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, will give them. UFC, that’s what it will give them. But they want to see also, because they’re curious by nature I guess, they want to see that guy versus that guy because he trash talk him and he did that to him and he grabbed his hat or whatever the hell, so people are curious and that’s what Triller gives them. They give that sort of entertainment. It’s all good. I’m not one of the haters. I think there is room for everything.”

St-Pierre has been looking into some of these celebrity-style fights himself. He was looking to have a boxing match with Oscar de la Hoya but was blocked by the UFC. Although St-Pierre is retired it seems he is still looking for a fight, whether it be in the boxing ring or with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Could we be seeing Georges St-Pierre step in the ring with one of the Paul brothers?

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