Monday, November 28, 2022

“I’d Probably Be Better At MMA”- Logan Paul Teases Switch To MMA

Logan Paul has put fighting in the octagon on his bucket list, saying he wants to compete at least once in MMA before he dies.

The YouTuber will place his 0-1 boxing record on the line when he faces 50-0 Floyd Mayweather Jr. on June 6 in Miami. 

Mayweather, boxing’s consensus pound-for-pound GOAT, is a bit of a step up in competition for Paul, whose only professional bout was a decision loss to fellow YouTuber KSI in 2019. 

But Paul’s wildly confident ambitions aren’t limited to boxing. Now, he’s put the MMA world on notice by vowing to strap on the four-ounce gloves.

“Yeah, absolutely,” said Paul when asked on Showtime Sports if he would ever fight in MMA (h/t Damon Martin of MMAFighting). “I actually think I’d probably be better at MMA because of my wrestling background. I will say it’s a tough sport. It’s harder than boxing. MMA fighters are legitimate, all around, 360-degree fighters. I’ve had some knee issues on both knees and it’s rough on the body. But I can’t not do at least one MMA fight before I die, at least one. If I win, I’d probably do another.”

Logan Paul KSI

Logan Paul vows to ‘decapitate’ Mayweather in first round

Logan and his Mayweather-hat-snatching brother Jake have attracted their share of critics. But they have no doubt taken the boxing world by storm by leveraging their sizeable social media followings and savvy for garnering attention.

And Logan says he’s confident of claiming the biggest scalp in the game when he squares off with Mayweather next month.

 “Anything can happen,” Paul said. “Mentally, I prepare for the best and I prepare for the worst. For those people telling me that it’s impossible, you’d be lying if you said there wasn’t a chance that I could beat him.

“So yeah, I think I’m going to go in there and decapitate him in the first round. If it doesn’t happen, we’ll go for the second and then the third, and the fourth, who knows it could go the distance but it’s going to be a f*cking show regardless.”

You can watch Logan’s full Showtime Sports interview here:

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