Thursday, January 27, 2022

Jake Paul Claps Back At Dana White After Dismissive Remarks

Jake Paul lays into Dana White about having done more for boxing than White ever did.

Jake Paul has been making his way through several call-outs by all different kinds of fighters. After his KO victory over Ben Askren, the YouTuber turned boxer seemed to have his choice of opponent. He was being called out by current UFC champions, former champions, current fighters from all different organizations and celebrities. Current champ Kamaru Usman is one man who thinks he should put Paul in his place inside the squared circle, but not if UFC president Dana White has any say.

White is not going to allow any of his fighters under the UFC contract to fight Paul. White has been critical of what Paul is doing and recently speaking to, White explained that no UFC fighter will be “loaned” out to Paul’s circus fights.

“Let’s see how long it takes before this kid’s 15 minutes are up, but they are being smart,” White said. “They are keeping him away from anybody that could actually really do damage. I don’t know. The Ben Askren thing still blows my mind.”

Paul took notice of this jab by White and decided to take some shots back himself. He targeted Whites influence in boxing and Paul claims to have done more for the sport.

“Dear Dana, In my 15 minutes of fame I’ve done more in boxing than you have your whole life. Dana White Boxing Career: You were a boxercise instructor. Your boxing reality show got cancelled after one episode. Zuffa Boxing died before it even started,” Paul wrote on Twitter.

Dana White has been talking about opening his “Zuffa Boxing” promotion for several years now with seemingly no progress. The boxing promotion was supposed to be under the UFC’s Zuffa umbrella and allow MMA fighters to mix it up with boxers. It seems that dream may be dead now.

Do you think Jake Paul has had more influence in the sport of boxing than Dana White?

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