Sunday, May 22, 2022

Jiří Procházka Puts More Bass In His Voice Regarding LHW Title SHot

To paraphrase BKFC fighter Britain Hart, Jiří Procházka is more than a man; he’s an energy.

At least that’s the vibe he transmitted to the viewing audience at UFC Vegas 25 and in both of his UFC bouts thus far. The UFC audience is still getting familiarized with this 28-year-old veteran, but from what they have consumed of him thus far, it’s clear to see that this native of the Czech Republic has an identity all his own. Every movement, mannerism, and maneuver seems custom-made and tailored for the moment, as former light heavyweight title contender Dominick Reyes discovered first-hand in the main event last night.

The main ingredient to this truly captivating recipe, according to Procházka, is the same thing that causes restaurant patrons to send a dish back but what led him to dish out a five-star performance. It’s all in the hair (transcription via MMA Junkie).

“That was a just the flow,” Procházka said during the UFC Vegas 25 post-fight press conference regarding his marvelous performance against Reyes. “Just the flow. That’s why I have this antenna (my hair), to catch these ideas. … Did you see my blocks? My defense. In the first fight (in my UFC debut), there wasn’t (defense). There’s not so much defense in this fight, but it’s how it worked. I still got to fix some things.”

Even though he’s only two fights into his UFC career, the notion of Procházka competing for the title in his next fight is certainly warranted given how he’s looked in both contests. However, after disposing of the current #3 light heavyweight contender Dominick Reyes, the Czech seemed passive and even startled at the notion that he might be next in line for a title shot during his post-fight interview. But after letting the thought sink in, he was sure to speak more assertively on this subject during the press conference.

“Yes, I think I deserve that fight, but my journey in the UFC is so quick and I’m not enjoying that so much like I want,” Prochazka told reporters. “But I think yeah, I deserve that title fight. Yeah.”

If Procházka keeps the same energy (and hair) that has led to his success in the UFC thus far, then the winner of the upcoming Jan Blachowicz/Glover Teixeira bout had better be prepared to match it. Unfortunately for them, judging from the energy level “Denisa” has shown us thus far, that won’t be easy to do.

Is Jiří Procházka your next UFC light heavyweight champion?

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