Thursday, January 27, 2022

Jon Jones Just Absolutely Unloaded On Old Nemesis Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones and Chael P. Sonnen are at it yet again.

Our saga begins with Jon Jones teasing the world of a big announcement forthcoming.

“I’m about to give birth to something big, something out of the ordinary,” Jones posted on Sunday.

Seems harmless enough. The pre-announcement managed to capture the attention of many among the MMA community, and everyone then proceeded to go about their day.

Enter Chael P. Sonnen. Always the jokester, Sonnen couldn’t resist making fun of Jones and his little teaser.

“Jon, there’s more elegant ways to let the world know you picked up a Laxative company as a sponsor,” Sonnen joked before later providing his own visual of Jones’s teaser.

“Jon Jones is giving birth…to what?”

Not one single ounce in a laughing mood, Jones would then respond in a series of since-deleted tweets, spewing unadulterated venom at his old nemesis with disdain.

“Does your wife think about me as much as you do? Why is my dick constantly in your mouth? Get over me already.”

“As successful as you are, it’s crazy to see you living in my shadow the way you do. Just remember losers focus on winners.”

“I honestly couldn’t imagine hating someone so much. Making YouTube videos about another man who already kicked your ass just to make a dollar. You’re so beneath me it’s pathetic.”

“I’ll tell you to go fuck yourself or to take my dick out of your mouth and you’ll actually go home and celebrate getting my attention that day. Seriously man, look at the position were are in.

“Oregon boy probably grew up with all the opportunities in the world yet somehow you let me kick your ass and have everything you dreamed of. I understand why you hate me.”

Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen competed one time in the UFC, which was at UFC 159 in 2013. The record books state that the fight was over in the first round. In reality, these two fighters are still going at it after eight full years.

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