Sunday, May 22, 2022

Jon Jones Speechless & Disgusted By Sanchez/Fabia Training Video

Jon Jones, like many others in the MMA community, has seen just about enough of Joshua Fabia.

Yesterday, a video surfaced of an unorthodox training session between the recently released Diego Sanchez and his coach/manager/trainer Joshua Fabia. Part of the session included Sanchez hanging upside down getting kicked and punched in the head by Fabia. Understandably, many considered such methods to be bizarre, to say the least, and UFC legend Jon Jones is among those who had something to say about it. You can view the video along with Jones’s reaction below.

“I am without words, really disgusted. As a person that used to know Diego, this is the last thing he needs,” Jones wrote.

Jon Jones and Diego Sanchez were longtime teammates at Jackson Wink MMA prior to Sanchez’s departure from the gym. Sanchez currently is not affiliated with any professional MMA gym but has instead committed to training solely with Joshua Fabia, which includes the following unconventional dungeon sessions depicted in the above video.

When Jon Jones was arrested for a DWI last year, Diego Sanchez was the one doing the criticizing. Sanchez labeled the light heavyweight great as “Bill Fuckin’ Cosby Jones” and went on to call Jones a fake man with fake followers. In this case, though, Jones does not appear to be casting any aspersions at Sanchez directly but rather at Fabia. Quite frankly, he is not the first person to do so; and if more videos like this keep surfacing, he certainly won’t be the last.

Does your reaction to the Diego Sanchez/Joshua Fabia “training” video match that of Jon Jones?

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