Monday, May 23, 2022

Kamaru Usman Issues Very Dark Warning To Jake Paul

The UFC welterweight champion is again butting heads with YouTuber Jake Paul.

Following Jake Paul’s TKO victory over Ben Askren last month, Paul wasted no time in considering who his next opponent could be. One of the names that he hopped on was that of UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. That is because Usman claimed in a TMZ interview that he would “take care” of Paul on behalf of Daniel Cormier if a situation presented itself where such measures needed to be taken.

Paul interpreted this to be a challenge and pounced on it with a swift acceptance. Usman then clarified that he is not interested in taking place in a celebrity boxing spectacle opposite Paul.

“Keep making your money young man, and stay on that side. I ain’t no Disney kid and I don’t play fighting.”

Jake Paul seemed to find some irony or hypocrisy in these remarks due to the following evidence that he submitted to the court of public opinion:

“So let’s get this straight: 1. Usman calls me out to fight on TMZ sports interview 2. I quickly accept the challenge to fight and will give him biggest payday of career ($10m+) 3. Usman then backs out of fight because I’m “a Disney kid” 4. Usman visits Disney world,” Paul wrote attached to a picture with Usman at Disneyworld with his daughter.

The assertion Paul was attempting to make here could have simply been that Usman is literally a Disney kid since he attended Disney World. Whether it was humor or trash talk Paul was going for, it’s always risky business to bring anyone’s children into the mix, whether by direct mention or by photograph. This is most likely what set off The Nigerian Nightmare to issue the following warning to the former Disney Channel actor.

“I understand you think this is a game which is probably why you don’t realize that this is how people Truly get hurt. I don’t play fighting and I can change your life in the worst way,” Usman wrote.

Clearly, this goes beyond traditional trash-talking, but Jake Paul has already demonstrated that boundaries are not something he is familiar with. In the past, he has insulted Conor McGregor’s wife and also mentioned Ben Askren’s children ahead of their boxing fight. Such behavior is a large reason why Paul finds himself completely out of favor with so many inside the MMA community.

For Kamaru Usman’s part, it looks like he is approaching the point of being willing to “take care” of Paul on sight. If he isn’t already at that point, Usman’s ominous response to Paul certainly comes across as a final warning.

What do you make of this warning from Kamaru Usman to Jake Paul?

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