Friday, December 9, 2022

Kamaru Usman Wants Jake Paul To Fight Someone His Own Size

Kamaru Usman is tired of the Paul brothers fighting guys outside their true weight class.

There is no doubt that Jake and Logan Paul have been able to talk their way into the limelight of boxing and combat sports. Logan is on his way to box the greatest boxing of all time in Floyd Mayweather, and Jake is making enemies of many MMA fighters. Paul recently took out Ben Askren and is now calling for a fight with Daniel Cormier. He and Cormier have been exchanging words and even got into it face to face. Usman, a friend of Cormier, admitted on ESPN that he wasn’t really serious about facing Paul until he started messing with Cormier.

“That’s actually what made me pay attention,” Usman explained. “Because I didn’t pay attention before. He was just a regular guy running his mouth and making a circus. But once he made the comments that he made about DC…DC’s not just one of the most respected guys in the sport, DC’s also a good, close friend of mine. Close friend. And once I saw that he made those comments, that’s when I took notice.”

Usman is the welterweight champion in the UFC and a well-respected fighter. Up until this point, Paul has faced other celebrities and Askren who was never known for his standup. Usman has plenty of options in his own division, but teaching Paul a lesson might be too good to refuse.

“And if I’m in a position (to teach the Paul Brothers) a lesson, absolutely. Because they’re about my weight. So if they ever wanted to fight, I would be the guy that they would have to fight because we’re the same weight class. His brother’s fighting Floyd. That doesn’t make sense because Floyd is giving up almost 50 pounds to these guys. But I’m their weight. I’m that guy for them to pick on. I’m the guy that needs to discipline these guys. And if it makes sense, then, of course, we’ll do it. Like I mentioned, it’s gonna take a lot of zeroes to get me to get in there.”

The one thing this Paul fight would bring to Usman would be money. He would not be doing it for legacy, he wants to get paid. Usman mentioned that he would need upwards of 100,000,000 to fight the YouTuber turned boxer, much more than he would be making in the UFC. If Paul decides to take this fight, the UFC would still have to allow Usman to fight outside his UFC contract.

Do you want to see Kamaru Usman take on Jake Paul?