Saturday, January 22, 2022

Kayla Harrison & Dana White Appear Very Open To Contract Negotiations

Kayla Harrison has a simple solution to Dana White’s uncertainty of whether she’s UFC ready, which is for the UFC boss to pay her to find out. 

Kayla Harrison has staked her claim to being the baddest woman in any room she’s in. Given that she is training partners with UFC double-champion Amanda Nunes, that’s quite the bold claim. So much so that many people would love to see her back it up in the UFC.

Unfortunately, Dana White thinks Harrison’s team may be holding her back because they don’t feel she’s ready to jump up to the “big leagues” just yet. He also thinks that perhaps her camp knows something we don’t know and that their reluctance may, in fact, mean that the Olympic judoka isn’t ready to jump ship quite yet. 

When Harrison learned of White’s comments, she offered the following rebuttal in an ESPN interview

“I think that if Dana’s ready to pay me a lot of money, I’ll make him a lot of money.”

Kayla Harrison’s contract with the PFL will expire at the conclusion of this 2021 season, and she sure sounds like a woman who is open to negotiations at the contract’s end. Dana White appears interested as well, as he stated in a recent interview that we’ll “find out” if she is UFC ready, which could only happen if she is made an offer.

A UFC Offer Made To Harrison In The Past?

Dana White
Dana White, Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Dana White also hinted that the UFC has already made Harrison an offer when he stated, “If you don’t think that we’ve offered for her to come over…I just don’t know if her people think she’s ready yet.” Harrison was asked in the ESPN interview whether she has ever received an offer from White. 

“Not that I’m aware of,” Harrison answered. “I mean, I’ve been under contract for the last three years, so I don’t even know…I’m not sure about that, but I have stated many times I am ready to face the best in the world.”

With all due respect to the PFL athletes, facing the best in the world would, in the estimation of most fight fans, have to take place in the UFC or Bellator. When Harrison becomes a free agent at the start of 2022, she can expect to have many suitors knocking on her door with plenty of gifts and sweet nothings hoping to woo this woman into signing with their company. Should pen be put to paper to lease her future with another MMA promotion, maybe Kayla Harrison will go on to become the face of their female competition the way she currently is for the PFL.

How do you think Kayla Harrison would fare in the UFC based on what you’ve seen from her thus far?

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