Marina Rodriguez Reveals Why Her Fight Against Dern Is In Jeopardy

It turns out that Marina Rodriguez and Mackenzie Dern is far from a done deal, so much so that the fight may be off altogether.

Dana White recently came out and stated that Marina Rodriguez vs. Mackenzie Dern was as good as done and that the biggest question surrounding the fight was when it would take place. According to Rodriguez, the targeted month for the fight was July, but due to scheduling complications, it doesn’t appear that the fight will happen any time soon, if at all (transcription via Adam Martin).

“The UFC offered us to Mackenzie for July, but I had already warned that we wanted to fight in September or October,” Rodriguez said in an interview with AG Fight. “As I saw that she wants to fight before, I believe that our fight may not even happen for now. And, of course, after catching a fight (against Michelle Waterson) with 11 days notice, we talked to my trainer Marcio Malko and decided that we would do our complete planning for the next fight, because we know that it is getting closer and closer to the belt and we don’t want to miss this opportunity when it comes.”

With the world title firmly in her sights, Rodriguez does not intend on sitting idly by and waiting for Mackenzie Dern or anyone else. She will continue to prepare for her big moment so that the occasion will not be too large for her when it arrives.

“So, this year we are going to train as if it were for the belt. If he comes, how good, perfect, if he doesn’t come we will have the next fight as if it were to be able to get closer and closer to him. We always want to show evolution with each fight, and for that, we need a complete camp. I believe it will be worth waiting for a while to see me return to the Octagon.”

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