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Michael Bisping On Diego Sanchez: I Hope He Gets The Help Ne Needs

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping recently discussed the events surrounding the release of Diego Sanchez from the UFC.

Since retiring in 2017, Michael Bisping has kept busy with his own podcast, as well as balancing broadcast networking duties for the UFC and ESPN. The former middleweight king had a few things to say following the news that the UFC released legend Diego Sanchez. In particular, the UFC commentator added that he should be careful with his phrasing considering the delicacy of the ongoing situation after speaking with Lowkick MMA.

“I want to pick my words very carefully because I’ve got tremendous respect for Diego Sanchez and the career that he’s had. Michael Bisping said to Lowkick MMA. It’s sad to see what’s happening right now. Without going into details, it’s a shame and I feel for him. He is clearly, visibly hurting. His fighting career meant a lot to him. It was everything. He even talked about how he stepped away from his wife because his wife didn’t believe in him. This is obviously a very personal matter for him.”

As one legend of the UFC to another, it seems Michael Bisping is sincere in wanting what is best for Sanchez in the twilight of his career. Additionally, the former middleweight champion reiterated that he has a massive amount of respect for Sanchez despite the UFC release debacle.

“I put out a couple of tweets and then Diego reached out to me and messaged me back. Bisping said. He was kind of saying, ‘what the f*ck, Mike,’ I said, ‘do you know what Diego it’s not my business. It’s not my place to comment. So, I apologize. I have tremendous respect. I apologize if it didn’t.’ But, these latest developments, yeah, it’s troubling. It’s troubling and I hope he gets the help that he needs. I hope he’s in a positive place.”

Michael Bisping Walks Back Criticisms Of Sanchez’s Coach/Manager

Initially, Bisping joined the online mayhem and began to be critical of Sanchez’s unorthodox coach Joshua Fabia, but he walked back his comments once he said Sanchez contacted him angrily.

“I’ve got my opinion (about Joshua Fabia). I think everyone has the same opinion, but we don’t know the full situation,” Bisping said. We don’t know what kind of friend he’s been to Diego. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and yeah, maybe his methods are whacky. Maybe some of the stuff he says is whacky. If you try to look at it from both angles. You know, going through a fighting career is an incredibly hard thing. It’s incredibly personal and challenging and it’s rewarding, but it’s agonizing at the same time and who knows what this guy Joshua Fabia, has done for Diego.

Joshua Fabia
Image via Joshua Fabia’s Instagram account

“Who knows behind the scenes the kind of friendship that he’s given him? So he’s got his back like no other. Diego won’t hear anyone talk sh*t about him and we don’t know the full details. Yes, he comes across as a bit of a knobhead and he’s saying stupid things, but there’s always two sides to everything.”

Michael Bisping is of the mindset that looking at the situation from all angles is advantageous. In essence, Bisping mentions that most of the world is unaware of the type of relationship Sanchez has with his coach and they might be very close friends now. While it seems the former middleweight champion acknowledges that the public has come to a consensus about Fabia, he hasn’t quite written off Sanchez or Fabia yet.

What do you make of Michael Bisping’s comments about the Diego Sanchez situation? Let us know below!

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