Thursday, January 27, 2022

Michael Chandler Explains Why He Thought He’d Never Join The UFC

Michael Chandler doubted he’d would ever be a part of the UFC long before he was under contract with the organization.

Chandler is fresh off his first UFC title shot. The fight didn’t go his way, having ended in a second-round TKO loss. However, he’s right on track in the division. When asked at the UFC 262 post-fight presser if he thinks he will get another title shot and if he feels he would have to trash talk to do it, Chandler responded.

“No, not at all,” Chandler explained. “I truly believe that me being exactly who I am and authentically and unapologetically me works for me. It works for the promotion. You’ve seen the reception that I’ve gotten.”

After spending ten years dominating outside the UFC, Chandler is now one of the best fighters at 155 pounds, and even though he seems right at home in the UFC, he had doubts early in his career about joining the organization.

“For a lot of years, I was outside of this organization thinking that I would never come to this organization because (of) that exact thought process, that exact thread was maybe what the UFC was looking for,” Chandler said. “I think I was wrong. I was absolutely wrong in thinking that. I think Dana likes the way that I act. I think the UFC brass, Hunter Campbell, they like the way that I act, the way that I talk, what I stand for. I just want to be unapologetically me, and I encourage everybody to do that in every single industry.”

Receiving a title shot on just his second fight in the UFC shows that the UFC brass is high on him and his skills. Dana White was singing his praises before the event and claimed his ability to take any fight is what convinced him to sign Chandler. Chandler is 35 years old and seems to be in his prime. He is a welcome addition to the most exciting division in the UFC and the possibilities for him going forward are endless.

Do you think Chandler will receive another title fight? How soon will it come?

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