Saturday, January 22, 2022

MVP Explains Why His Title Shot Is Now Out Of Douglas Lima’s Hands

Michael Venom Page (MVP) feels that his next fight will be a title fight, regardless of anyone’s opinion on whether or not he deserves it, including the current welterweight champion himself.

At Bellator 258, Michael Venom Page did it again. Another highlight-reel performance to add to his list of many, this time at the expense of #4-ranked Derek Anderson. In the first round, MVP utilized his ever-perplexing style to mostly freeze Anderson, just as he’s done many before him, and wound up breaking Anderson’s nose with a picture-perfect high kick that spelled the beginning of the end. In fact, it indirectly was the end of the fight, as Anderson was unable to continue due to his nose breaking as a result of the kick. 

After the fight, MVP sat down to chat with reporters in a post-fight media scrum. Page was not expecting to have praise heaped upon him, but that isn’t where his focus lies. That would be squarely on the man currently holding the Bellator welterweight championship: Douglas Lima.

“Because of how I do things with ease, I think he’s now just become a can, but not because he’s not an amazing fighter, not because he’s a tough MMA fighter, but because of how I make people look when I’m in there,” Page said “And I’ve kind of accepted that. But I’m on a mission for one person, and that’s Douglas Lima.” 

MVP Explains Why He Has To Be Next In Line For Title Shot

Michael Venom Page

As recently as last week, Douglas Lima stated that Page needs to ask for an opponent where a victory would earn him a title shot. That said, there’s a possibility that Lima doesn’t deem the #4-ranked Anderson to be enough to grant Page a title shot despite Page being on a five-fight winning streak. 

If that’s the case, MVP argues that it won’t make a difference because the Bellator rankings system takes Lima’s opinion out of the equation. Because if Lima is “championlike,” he will have to step up and face the next man in line. 

“It should be the next fight … and where I’m placed on the ranking system, regardless of anybody’s opinion, that’s where I am,” Page said. “I was No. 1. Now I’m No. 2, and the champion’s fighting. Technically, I should go up now, so whoever loses that fight, I’m now the No. 1 ranked fighter, which means I deserve a title fight.”

As Page alluded to, Douglas Lima does have his next title defense already booked for next month when he takes on the 25-0 Yaroslav Amosov at Bellator 260. There’s no doubt that MVP will be watching intently right along with the rest of Bellator fans around the world when the clock starts on that championship bout.

Do you think there is no denying Michael Page for a welterweight title shot now after he vanquished Derek Anderson at Bellator 258?

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