Monday, May 23, 2022

Ngannou Laughs & Jones Unloads In Round Two Of Social Media Battle

Round 2 of the Twitter battle between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou is officially over, with Ngannou getting the last laugh and Jones getting the last word.

The first round of the Jones/Ngannou battle began with Jones vowing to run through the UFC‘s heavyweight division like dominoes and then directly requesting that the champion motivate him more. Ngannou then had a mic-drop moment by stating that if Jones needs to be motivated to fight him, he’s already lost.

Per usual, Jon Jones was not one to let a Twitter rival slink off with the last word, so he issued the following response to the champion hours later:

“Oh you know what’s inside of me @francis_ngannou you’ve never seen me quit.”

“Pray you knock me out because if you don’t I’m going to break you, and that’s a promise @francis_ngannou.”

The jolly Cameroonian giant got a good laugh out of this latest promise from Jones. Not one to keep his glee to himself, “The Predator” was sure to share his laughter with his burgeoning nemesis.

“Please don’t make me laugh! When is the last time that you break somebody out? You’re a decision fighter @JonnyBones and you’ve barely won a fight lately. But you’re going to break me out,” Ngannou concluded with a crying laughing emoji.

Jon Jones found nothing humorous about this reply and sent out a final flurry of tweets directed at Ngannou to close out round 2.

“A decision fighter? I carried the record for most submissions in the light heavyweight division for many years my friend. You are what we call a one trick pony @francis_ngannou every champion I’ve ever faced punched hard. I see right through you.

“I would rather be a decision fighter than a last for two rounds fighter. Honestly @francis_ngannou I really respect you and your story. I really don’t feel the need to have to crush you in a verbal battle to do what I’ve done to everyone since 2011. Im just telling you now @francis_ngannou if you want to start this Internet talk, be sure to keep up. Most people that talk shit with me go quiet after a while.”

It’s now been approximately 48 hours since this last string of tweets, so it’s safe to say that round 2 is officially over and that Ngannou has indeed gone quiet for the time being. If these two pick things back up, we’ll have the dirt for you right here on And if both men sign the contract to actually fight in the cage instead of on social media, even better. Either way, is your go-to source for all the updates on this story and every other happening within the world of MMA!

Who do you think got the better of “round 2” of this Twitter battle between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou?

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