Saturday, November 27, 2021

Scott Coker Open to Cyborg vs. Kayla Harrison Match up in The Future

Scott Coker and Cris “Cyborg” Justino have always worked well together. With her win over a tough Leslie Smith, she’s got a lot of options for future opponents. Coker is open to all of them, even one’s outside of Bellator.

When addressing the media after Bellator 259, the question was posed to Coker about a potential Kayla Harrison match for the Bellator featherweight champ and Coker is open to it. 

Bellator PR

“I’m all about it,” Coker told the media, “it depends on the timing, the business deal, we haven’t done a deal with Kayla, or her representation, or Ray’s[Sefo] company. So, you know there’s some things to work out to get to that point. In the meantime, listen, we have plenty of girls to fight Cyborg.”

The deal certainly seems more possible than folks might think. In the past, Coker has cross-promoted with Rizin Fighting Federation in the past. The only reason that has not continued is because of the COVID-19 pandemic making it difficult to coordinate events. As for the side Harrison is on, history has shown when the PFL is off-season, they’re certainly open to letting her fight elsewhere.

When the PFL postponed their season last year, Harrison showed that she can make the 145 pound weight class without issue, and fought at Invicta FC 43 where she picked up a second round TKO over Courtney King. Harrison is locked into the 2021 PFL season now, but in the constantly evolving world of MMA, anything can happen.

As for the “girls” in Bellator Coker was referring to, Cyborg called out Cat Zingano for her next fight. Bellator will need to wait on their latest rankings to come up after Bellator 259 before anything becomes official, but the future is certainly bright for Cyborg, Bellator, and any women willing to fight at featherweight.

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