Monday, January 17, 2022

The Paul Brothers Explain Why Floyd “Money” Mayweather Needs Them

According to the Paul Brothers, it is not they who need Floyd Mayweather for a big payday but Mayweather who needs them.

Floyd Mayweather was birthed in the fight game. He’s been competing in world title fights since the age of 21, many of which have been featured on pay-per-view. In fact, Mayweather has reportedly helped generate over $1 billion in pay-per-view revenue throughout his career.

All that’s well and good, but according to the Paul Brothers, he still needs them, even though they have never won a world title and have a grand sum of four pro boxing fights combined. That’s because, as they argue, they are changing the game, and ‘Old Man Mayweather’ is well aware of this.

“We are bringing in a new light and a new wave,” Jake Paul told CBS Sports. “That’s because of the YouTube celebrity boxing culture and us bringing Instagram and all of our followers over. It’s all new people who are wanting to pay for fights who normally wouldn’t have…

Jake Paul, Logan Paul
Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Image Credit: Getty Images

“[Mayweather] already did his time, no one really wants to see Floyd fight again unless it is something interesting,” Jake Paul said. “We are the new young bucks with the new audience. Everyone in boxing already knows Floyd but these little young kids, they don’t really care about Floyd or want to see him. His engagement is low. He is the champ-champ and best fighter of all-time, blah, blah, blah. How come he only gets 100K likes on a picture?” 

Jake’s brother and Mayweather’s next opponent, Logan Paul, also chimed in with a big-picture view of their value to Mayweather and the sport of boxing as a whole.

“MMA was kicking boxing’s ass,” Logan Paul said.  “Now everyone is interested in boxing. The model is being replicated time and time again. You got Triller now, you got Social Gloves and just the weekend after our fight there is TikTokers and YouTubers fighting. Jake just got a deal with Showtime. At what f—ing point is it legit?”

The younger Paul Brother believes that Mayweather’s business acumen combined with his and his older brother’s influence on the fight game made this union inevitable and even one born of necessity on Mayweather’s part.

“He has to,” Jake Paul said about Mayweather respecting his and his brother’s current influence on the fight game. “That’s why he is fighting my brother. Who else is Floyd going to fight that will sell millions of pay-per-views? He needs us more than we need him…”

The exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul takes place June 6 and is available for purchase on pay-per-view right here at the price of $49.99.

Do you agree with the Paul Brothers? Does Floyd Mayweather need them more than they need him?

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