Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tyron Woodley Ramps Up His Pursuit To Fight Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley is ramping up his relentless pursuit of Jake Paul.

Ever since Tyron Woodley’s backstage confrontation with Jake Paul and team member J’Leon Love prior to the Paul/Askren boxing match, Woodley has had an unpleasant taste in his mouth from the whole mess. It certainly didn’t help matters to watch his close friend Askren get knocked out by the YouTube personality moments later, so Woodley is eager to make things right on both fronts by facing Jake Paul. 

While Paul is busy upstarting his “Gotcha Hat” marketing campaign, Woodley is doing everything he can to redirect the controversial figure’s attention back to the world of fighting. The former UFC welterweight champion couldn’t help but notice that whenever Paul is thinking about fighting, his thoughts noticeably do not tend to shift in his direction, confirming that when it comes to Paul, Tyron Woodley is not, in fact, The Chosen One (transcription via Farah Hannoun of MMA Junkie).

“Jake Paul is – well I guess we kind of recognize he came from Disney, we expect him to be this little f***ing Macho Macho Man that he’s playing,” Woodley told TMZ. “But he keeps calling out everybody but me. I’m the one with the real smoke with you.

Jake Paul
Image Credit: DAZN

“They just culture vultures. Like, he’ll ‘vult’ the juice from his own damn flesh and blood.”

Woodley would then address Paul directly, urging him to meet him for a mano-y-mano fight to settle a legitimate beef instead of the kind you find at your neighborhood McDonald’s. No, this is the beef of the charbroiled smoke variety that Woodley is inviting the “Gotcha Hat” CEO to sample.

“Come and get this smoke for real,” Woodley insisted. “I’m in and I can actually find him. People that keep talking about fighting him, they’re not even in position to fight him. I can actually fight him. I can fight him tomorrow if I want to.”

Jake Paul did say that Woodley is an interesting potential matchup when asked about him in a recent ESPN interview. However, his interest level did not seem quite as high as when mentioning other names, such as Nate Diaz or, more recently, Kamaru Usman. As Woodley alluded to in his remarks, he is currently a free agent and not under contract with anyone, which makes him a much more realistic option than the other names Paul has been chasing after.

Would you be interested in seeing a boxing match between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley?

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