Monday, October 3, 2022

UFC 262 Fighters Will Get A Raise On Their Performance Bonus Payouts

Everything is bigger in Texas, and for the first time in 13 years, UFC fighters will receive a bump in their performance bonus payouts this weekend at UFC 262.

The UFC bonus payouts will increase from an initial $50,000 USD to $75,000 USD. This is a significant increase considering the company had a cap of fifty thousand on all bonuses since 2013. Globo reporter Raphael Marinho was the first to report the news.

UFC fighters have the opportunity to earn bonus money in the UFC depending on their respective performance, the fighter can earn a “Performance of the night” bonus along with the “Fight of the night” bonus. While it is rare to earn both of them with one performance, it does happen from time to time. Prior to the cap of $50,000 established in 2013, the company’s rule on bonus payouts varied between $25,000 and to even as high as $160,000.

According to, former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson is responsible for the bump in the bonus payouts. After loudly asking UFC president Dana White for an extra bump in bonus pay inside the Toyota Center at the UFC 262 Press Conference, it appears the top lightweight got his wish.

Additionally, the company confirmed that the bonus increase will be a temporary boost unique to the Houston, Texas pay-per-view event. With the increase in their bonus payout confirmed, fighters are also getting accustomed to the new Venum gear, and the subsequent sponsorship pay. In particular, the UFC’s new apparel line offers both entry-level fighters and champions increased payouts compared to their predecessor Reebok.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation oversees combat commissions disclosed pay, therefore complete payouts for UFC 262 will not be revealed to the public. However, it is great to hear that Tony Ferguson played a significant role in helping fighters receive more money if they happen to nail a bonus at UFC 262.

What do you make of the UFC giving an increase in their bonus payouts at UFC 262? Do you think the increase is fair? Let us know your opinion!

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