Monday, October 3, 2022

Aleksa Camur Looking To Appeal Loss After Multiple Fouls By Opponent

Aleksa Camur is looking to appeal his recent UFC loss to Nicolae Negumereanu after referee Mike Beltran failed to deduct points despite multiple fence grabs from the Romanian fighter.

Camur recently fought Negumereanu at UFC Vegas 29 in which he lost a close split-decision loss; 29-28, 28-29, and 29-28 in favor of Negumereanu. Although one judge scored the fight in favour of Camur, ultimately two of the judges saw it the other way and awarded the Romanian the win.

During the fight, Negumereanu was warned several times for grabbing the fence, a foul in MMA as it can stop a takedown from happening in grappling exchanges. However, despite it happening over and over again, no points were deducted from Negumereanu. If a point was to be deducted, then the result of the fight could have been very different. Here are the judges’ scorecards below.

The Judges Scorecards via MMA Junkie

After upon further review, Negumereanu team counted 11 warnings (seven verbal, three physical, and one timeout) from referee Beltran.

As confirmed by MMA Junkie split-decision loss will be appealed to the Nevada Athletic Commission in the near future from Iridium Sports Agency, which represents Camur.

Do you think the split decision loss for Aleksa Camur should be overturned?

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