Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Brian Ortega Reacts To Alex Volkanovski’s Claim That He’s Fake

Brian Ortega has a response for Alex Volkanovski’s recent verbal jabs.

Ortega and Volkanovski just got done filming for season 29 of The Ultimate Fighter. The two featherweights served as opposing coaches on the show. Once filming wrapped up, the war of words began.

Volkanovski has been thinking about unleashing his inner troll as he believes Ortega is “easily triggered.” The UFC Featherweight Champion went as far as to call Ortega “fake.” Here’s what Volkanovski told UFC color commentator Joe Rogan.

“You’re trying to get reads on him and things like that, but I just think he’s f*cking awkward. He’s an awkward dude…we pretended to piss on his signs and all that, we got photos of us – again just a bit of a laugh, a bit of banter, but we know how he carries on.”

Ortega caught wind of Volkanovski’s comments and he issued the following response on his Twitter account.

“Alex Volkanovski, when you show me respect in person then turn around and get on a podcast and call me fake, says more about you than me. Even when Joe Rogan asked you why you had nothing to back up your statement.”

Volkanovski had responded to Ortega’s tweet, but he later took it down. Here’s what was said.

“Well I did say….’Maybe I’m just looking for things to hate on him’… but I also said ‘he’s easily triggered.’

Perhaps those troll tactics are hard at work for Volkanovski.

Volkanovski and Ortega were initially set to meet at UFC 260 back in March. That plan went awry when Volkanovski tested positive for COVID-19. As of this writing, the two men still await a rescheduled date.

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