Thursday, December 2, 2021

Chael Sonnen Celebrates Long-Awaited ‘Victory’ Over Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen has declared victory in his lengthy feud with Jon Jones after Jonny Bones opted to block “The American Gangster” on Twitter.

In the world of social media, there is a bit of a ritual between public figure and troll. The troll tries to pop the air out of the public figure’s day whenever they get the opportunity, and if they do a good enough job of it, the public figure decides to block them and effectively cut them off from any future contact.

At this point, many trolls celebrate the block as a trophy of sorts. Presumably, the victory is that they were able to push their target to the maximum level of triggerdom to the point where the public figure decided to block them. So not only did the troll get the attention of the public figure, but they have demonstrable proof that they achieved the desired goal of disturbing their target.

In the case of Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones, it was an odd mix of public figure trolling another public figure, but the reaction from Chael P. Sonnen after Jones blocked him followed the usual form of a troll showing off his trophy to all followers:


It took eight years and a prolonged battle of Twitter-cuffs, but Sonnen finally got retribution for his loss to Jones at UFC 159 with a self-proclaimed victory even more befitting of “The Bad Guy.”

As for Jon Jones, it’s fair to say that the former light heavyweight king has determined that this block and his 2013 annihilation of Sonnen is more than enough to give him all the peace of mind he needs. Meanwhile, The Bad Guy is boisterously celebrating in the timeout corner.

Do you consider this block to be a victory for Chael P. Sonnen over Jon Jones?

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