Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Colby Covington Puts Mike Perry On Blast Over Outstanding Gym Fees

Colby Covington is upset with fellow welterweight Mike Perry after “Platinum” caused some gym disruptions.

The former interim champion Covington went hard in the paint on Mike Perry and flung some nasty accusations. Specifically, “Chaos” claims that Perry declined to pay the membership fees and other expenses to the MMA Masters gym.

As of now, it appears Colby Covington will get his long-awaited rematch with champ Kamaru Usman, as the UFC president Dana White hinted at days ago. Meanwhile, Covington doesn’t mind throwing darts at Mike Perry before he begins his training camp for his second title opportunity.

“Mike Perry is a dirtbag,” Covington said during a recent interview with The Schmo. “I have nothing to say to him, you know. That guy, just the biggest piece of sh*t. Trash is all sports. I mean, he completely, you know, threw our gym (MMA Masters) under the bus. Didn’t pay his gym percentage fees.“

Mike Perry Responds To Covington’s Accusations

Unlike Covington, Mike Perry is coming off two losses, but some of those outings were competitive. Despite not winning a fight since June of 2020, Perry is a brash personality that brings a lot of eyeballs anytime he is on camera. In response to Covington’s accusations, Perry had the following to say.

“Listen, I tried to pay those guys, tried to do business with those gyms” Perry said. “I spoke with them. Whoever I talked to over Instagram. I said, ‘what’s up man, I want to pay you guys something like this. If you don’t like that number, tell me what you think you deserve?” (H/T Essentially Sports)

While Perry claims he attempted to pay Covington’s gym, he explained that after an Instagram interaction, he received no response. Additionally, Perry also states that the MMA Masters Gym did not provide him with any cornermen for his fight against Daniel Rodriguez, where he lost by unanimous decision back in April.

Which side do you think is in the right, Perry or Covington?

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