Monday, May 23, 2022

Cormier: Exhibition Not A Good Look For Mayweather, Paul Won The Night

Daniel Cormier has given his take on Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul, and he isn’t exactly impressed by “Money.”

This past Sunday night (June 6), Showtime PPV hosted a boxing event that was headlined by Mayweather vs. Paul. This was an unsanctioned exhibition match that didn’t have an official winner. The action was held inside Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

The 44-year-old Mayweather and Paul, who is known for being an Internet star, went the distance. The bout was scheduled for eight rounds and in the end, nobody got dropped. At times, it appeared Mayweather was, “playing with his food,” as Paul looked to have been gassed early in the fight.

Cormier took to his Twitter account to give props to Paul for surviving. When it came to Mayweather, however, “DC” wasn’t as complimentary.

“Hats off to Logan Paul. He went 8 rounds with greatest boxer ever. Not a good look for Floyd.”

Cormier later doubled down on an edition of the DC & Helwani Show.

“Floyd’s a genius, though, right? Floyd is a guy that is 44 years old, he’s 50-0, when he decides to make a boatload of money, he goes and fights someone that has no chance of beating him, no chance of hurting him, and he gets a ton of people in Hard Rock Stadium and makes $100 million. Like, who can do that?

“But the reality is this: Floyd Mayweather, as the fight went on, it looked like he actually tried to get the kid out of there, and he couldn’t really do it. Because Paul kept grabbing him, Paul kept holding, and Paul was able to land eight rounds. That’s crazy. So the winner of the night, if I’m being completely honest, has to be Logan Paul. Because you went eight rounds with who I believe, Daniel Cormier’s opinion is the greatest boxer of all time.”

Cormier went on to elaborate why Mayweather’s lack of dominance against a YouTuber was a bad look.

“Floyd never hurt the kid. He should have at least knocked him down once, twice, to show the level of dominance that you expect from a Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.’”

Both Mayweather and Paul appeared to be happy following their exhibition. During the post-fight interviews, Mayweather said he enjoyed testing his skills against the younger Paul. He admitted that Paul took him by surprise. Paul said it was an honor to share the ring with Mayweather and that the fight was one of the greatest moments of his life.

During the post-fight press conference, Mayweather hinted that he could decide to refrain from having more exhibition bouts in the future. Mayweather said he has accepted the fact that he doesn’t move around like he used to.

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