Sunday, May 22, 2022

Covington Claps Back At “Midget Division’s” Volkanovski & Ortega

Colby Covington has continued his war of words with TUF coaches Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega.

This comes after the two featherweight rivals united against the welterweight contender on social media.

The 145-pound champion and his upcoming challenger were chosen to coach this year’s return of The Ultimate Fighter, something Covington claimed would “…make a complete mockery of the show.”

Volkanovski and Ortega took to Twitter just under two weeks ago to hit back at the always-opinionated former interim champ.

Despite his rivalry with Ortega, Volkanovski followed suit…

But as you’d expect, Colby Covington wasn’t going to let the pair have the last word.

In an interview with The Schmo, “Chaos” launched a scathing attack on both men, starting with Ortega.

“Man, I gave an honest opinion, Schmo. It’s not like they tried to deny it. I think they both know that I would have been better for the show. You got low T-City over there. We know why he’s low T: low testosterone. He did fail that steroid test. So he’s got a chemical imbalance in his body right now with his testosterone to estrogen levels. So of course he’s probably trying to pipe off like the little midget he is, trying to talk about The King of Chaos like he’s gonna do something. You’re in the midget division. You’re cutting all that weight. It’s little kids. You wanna come to the big boys and talk like you’re a big boy, come up here. Fight in a real man’s weight class.”

Despite the brunt of his words being directed towards “T-City,” Covington didn’t forget to take a dig at Australia’s Volkanovski.

“And Volkanovski, you probably thought, Schmo, that I was gonna give Volkanovski a real nickname. He’s worthless. He doesn’t even deserve a cool nickname. Volkanovski, you’re a little prawn. I put the prawn on the barbie because <Australian accent> that’s how we do down under, mate!”

Despite being confirmed as the next in line to challenge for the welterweight belt by Dana White, Covington is seemingly still intent on making enemies in other divisions.

What do you make of Covington’s response to Volkanovski and Ortega?

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