Thursday, January 27, 2022

Diego Sanchez Issues Statement, Refuses To “Fire Back” At Joshua Fabia

Diego Sanchez has chosen to take the high road in his first full statement since his falling out with Joshua Fabia.

Last week, Joshua Fabia spoke for the first time since separating from ex-client Diego Sanchez in a truly explosive interview rife with character-damaging accusations aimed at Sanchez. Among the many accusations launched by Fabia is that Sanchez used steroids earlier in his life, decided to throw a fight in the UFC, and was dishonest about his mental capacities.

Once seemingly inseparable, the split between Fabia and Sanchez became as ugly as many considered their actual relationship to be, with many accusing Fabia of taking advantage of Sanchez the entire ride. Fabia, however, claims that it was the other way around and that it was Sanchez who exploited him. He also claimed that it was his idea to terminate their professional relationship, not Sanchez’s, as was initially reported.

At the time of this report, it was said that Diego Sanchez would elaborate on his separation from Fabia after he allowed his mind to fully settle and he’s had a chance to collect his thoughts. Tuesday, Sanchez took to Instagram and had this to say in a heartfelt statement:

“To all of my family, friends, fans and the mma community,

“Thank you all for your continued love and support through this very challenging time in my life. I appreciate all of the defense that arose for me on behalf of my career, myself and all of those who were involved. Thank you for those that have been sensitive to this situation. I apologize to all of those that were affected negatively. I will refrain from provoking this situation any longer. I refuse to fire back on accusations that in the intent were made to provoke me and those close to me. Once again, my faith has taught me to love thy neighbor and love thy enemy. I wish for peace to surface moving forward. Luke 6:27-36.

“I will lift Josh and Rebecca up in prayer 🙏🏼
Prayers that god helps them find their peaceful awareness.”

Indeed, many fans and fighters alike have come to Diego Sanchez’s defense since Fabia’s inflammatory remarks. Others have wondered what could be next for the UFC legend and whether or not he can return home for a proper retirement fight now that the Fabia chapter of his career is behind him. When asked about this possibility, UFC President Dana White stated that he did not have an answer to that question but did suggest that his line will always remain open to Sanchez.

What are your thoughts on Diego Sanchez’s statement?

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