Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Diego Sanchez Open To Bare Knuckle Boxing After Attending BKFC Event

Diego Sanchez is willing to entertain a transition to Bare Knuckle Boxing following the end of his UFC career.

Sanchez had a recent falling out with the UFC that stemmed from his former trainer. The problems that unsued cause Sanchez to have an early exit from the organization that he spent 15 years of his career fighting for. Now that he is a free agent, Sanchez is looking at a possible shift in his fighting career, that could possibly include bare-knuckle boxing.

Sanchez was in attendance at the most recent Bare Knuckle FC event. Sanchez liked what he saw from the promotion and could be leaving the door open for a run himself.

“If I ever get into the BKB, yeah, it would be fun,” Sanchez told MMA Junkie. “I never really liked the gloves in the UFC anyway. So, I think it’s better. You got to pick your shots. You got to be smarter. We got to probably do a boxing fight first, warm these hands up. We’re going to see. We’re going to keep everything open.”

The 39-year-old fighter mentioned trying out boxing first, which seems to be the path many former UFC fighters are heading these days. With Ben Askren taking on Jake Paul and making much more than he did in his UFC days, it is a no-brainer that many more fighter want to follow suit. Tyron Woodley is up next, and even former champion Anderson Silva is getting in on the action.

As for Sanchez if he wants to go down this road and possibly try his hand at bare-knuckle, he could be joining a list of other former MMA fighters who have made the switch. He has some media backing behind him following his high-profile UFC exit and the drama that ensued with his former coach. Sanchez however has lost two of his last three in MMA and is getting up there in age.

Do you want to see Diego Sanchez fight in Bare Knuckle FC?

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