Thursday, May 19, 2022

Eddie Alvarez Doesn’t Hold Back With Rant About Professional Boxers

The fighting legend Eddie Alvarez went in hard on professional boxers not actually being “real fighters.”

Alvarez is a former Bellator MMA, UFC champion, and one of the most well-respected MMA athletes around the world. The former champion has seen it all and has even faced the “Notorious” Conor McGregor back when the Irishman was on his meteoric rise. Recently, Eddie Alvarez has been competing within the premier Asian promotion ONE Championship.

While many MMA fighters are attempting to transition to boxing for bigger paydays, like Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, it seems “The Underground King” has no interest in strapping on the boxing gloves and shoes. On the contrary, Alvarez had harsh words for professional boxers and a stern message, ”

“We really fight! Take your gloves and shoes and shove them up your ass!” Eddie Alvarez said.

Additionally, the former champion took to his Twitter to demonstrate how a real fighter conducts themselves. Eddie Alvarez insists that MMA boxers are better martial artists than boxers.

“We fight in rings ,cages ,circles and mats … Anywhere is just fine for us …. But We Really Fight !!! If you let 10 boxers out in a cell and 10 mma fighters Whose gonna live and whose gonna Die … Case closed . Take your gloves and shoes and shove them Up Your Ass !!” Eddie Alvarez posted.

Overall, the seasoned MMA veteran implicitly suggests that boxing isn’t a complete ruleset and in a hypothetical situation, MMA fighters would best boxers in most combat situations. The opinion is certainly interesting since there have been so many crossover fights between MMA fighters and boxers lately.

Eddie Alvarez last competed and lost against Rae Yoon Ok at the ONE on TNT 4 show. With a strong opinion on the MMA versus boxing trend, this won’t be the last we hear of “The Underground King” on the matter.

Do you agree with Eddie Alvarez that boxers are incomplete combat athletes compared to MMA fighters?

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