Saturday, January 22, 2022

Floyd Mayweather Didn’t Want Paul To Escape Marathon Faceoff (Video)

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul just engaged in a marathon faceoff as we draw closer to their exhibition boxing bout this Sunday.

Sunday, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Logan Paul will take part in an exhibition boxing bout on pay-per-view. Today, there was a media event to hype the event, which culminated in a faceoff before the two.

In one of the lengthier faceoffs of the year, if not the last decade, Mayweather and Paul stood point-blank range apart from one another. Mayweather was stoic and businesslike while the YouTuber towered over him raining down intermittent trash talk that wasn’t picked up by the mics.

Perhaps the most notable moment of this two-minute faceoff is when Paul attempted to walk away about halfway through, only for Mayweather to step up to him and manage to get an inch or two even closer than they already were, which is truly a remarkable feat.

Peep out the faceoff for yourself below (via MMA Junkie).

Mayweather vs. Paul will be taking place inside Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on June 6 and is available for purchase on PPV for $49.99 right here.

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