Sunday, May 22, 2022

Henry Cejudo Explains Why Jake Paul Will Beat Tyron Woodley

Henry Cejudo believes Jake Paul will defeat former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley when they fight on August 28.

Paul, the brash YouTuber turned boxer, is coming off a first-round TKO over Ben Askren. Since then, many wanted to see him get a big step-up in competition and they get their wish as he will face Woodley who has legit one-punch KO power and is a former champ. However, Cejudo believes Paul will beat Woodley due to a couple of reasons.

“Jake Paul’s gonna beat Tyron Woodley. This is the reason why. One is the gloves. The gloves are different. The gloves at MMA, a four-ounce glove, I would give it to Woodley because he does have that right hand,” Cejudo said to Helen Yee. “And that’s the problem. He only has that one right hand. You’re gonna need combinations. I don’t know what size gloves, but if they use 8-10 ounce gloves, he’s in trouble because Jake Paul is training and he’s around world-class boxers.

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“He’s around scientists…You want the cream of the crop, and that’s gonna be the difference in that fight: the size of the glove and the fact that Tyron Woodley does not throw combinations. And I’m not hating on him. I will hate on his rap career. I’m not hating on him but his rap career. But I am just stating facts.”

Cejudo does have a point, as Woodley is so used to punching and defending with 4-ounce gloves, so transitioning to boxing gloves will be different. In his last couple of fights as well, Woodley hasn’t been throwing combinations. Instead, he just throws one big right hand. If he’s going to have success against Paul, he will need to throw combinations as Cejudo says.

However, Woodley does have a couple more months of training to prepare for the move to boxing. But, Cejudo is confident in saying Paul will remain undefeated after August 28.

Do you agree with Henry Cejudo that Jake Paul will beat Tyron Woodley?

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