Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Jake Paul Begins Woodley Trolling, Woodley Vows To Take His Soul

Jake Paul is embracing the narrative of one man looking to knock out two good friends back-to-back.

It was officially announced yesterday that Jake Paul will look to make it 4-0 in his professional boxing career when he takes on Tyron Woodley this August. Say what you want about Paul, but he knows how to work the social media market. Whether it be the YouTube platform that was the primary source of his initial fame or his overactive Twitter fingers, Paul is a true troll of the highest degree.

Shortly after his upcoming fight against Woodley was announced, Paul couldn’t help but kick off his trolling campaign of the former UFC welterweight champion that will assuredly last until and possibly beyond their August bout.

Jake Paul has taken upon himself to cast Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren as the combat sports version of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. Paul, of course, defeated Askren last month via KO to advance to 3-0. Woodley and Askren are longtime buddies going back to their college days at Mizzou.

Tyron Woodley Issues Warning To Jake Paul

Paul’s troll cred doesn’t stop on social media, though. He recently partook in hat-grabbing hijinks during a Floyd Mayweather/Logan Paul media event, snatching Mayweather’s hat after uttering what is now his catchphrase of “Gotcha Hat!”

While Paul was drawing up faux movie posters, Woodley decided to issue a warning to Paul using a play on words connected to Paul’s catchphrase.

“Dear @jakepaul keep the (hat emoji). I’m taking your head clean off your neck! #GotchaSoul

We’re only one day into the buildup of the Paul/Woodley fight, and it’s already been about as chaotic as you’d expect. With basically three full months of buildup time remaining, you can expect things to get a whole lot crazier before things inevitably turn serious come August.

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