Sunday, January 23, 2022

Jake Paul Says Future Fight Against Canelo Alvarez Is Possible

Jake Paul knows he is disrupting the boxing world but he still plans on fighting legit boxers down the line.

Paul is coming off a first-round TKO over Ben Askren and is set to face Tyron Woodley on August 28. It’s a fascinating matchup and a step-up in competition for Paul. Yet, many have wondered when he will face real boxers, but the YouTuber turned boxer knows that will happen.

“I just want to continue to be the most disruptive boxer in the history of the sport. That means taking this on a fight-by-fight basis and continuing to get even bigger and take on more and more serious opponents,” Paul said to TMZ Sports. “If you told me where I was gonna be at three years ago, I wouldn’t believe you. So I don’t even wanna think about, or ‘cap’ myself, with the possibilities. I’m open-minded and I think anything is possible.”

Although some have said Paul needs to face real boxers, he is fighting much higher-level of competition than most pro boxers do in their first four fights.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul, Image Credit: (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

Jake Paul is also still just three years into boxing and continues to improve by a fight-by-fight basis. The goal for the brash YouTuber turned boxer is to

“I think I could be fighting against Canelo Alvarez for the WBC or the WBO championship belt. Why not, baby? A lot of people are afraid to try, they’re afraid to get up out of their seats, they’re afraid to do something different,” Paul said. “But that’s them, that’s not me. I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, and that’s why there’s a difference between successful and non-successful people in this world. So really, the sky is the limit. It’s just about how seriously I take it, and I do take it seriously. More seriously than 99% of these ‘professional’ boxers that are out there.”

Whether or not Paul will actually fight Alvarez is uncertain. Perhaps three-to-five years down the line he does make the fight happen is he remains undefeated and has beaten legit boxers.

For now, however, Paul will continue to box former UFC fighters, athletes or other celebrities as he continues to improve his boxing skill.

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