Friday, December 9, 2022

Jon Jones Delaying HW Debut To Prevent Haters From Seeing Him Lose

Having spent the last 16 months on the sidelines, Jon Jones has once again released a flurry of tweets defending his slow return to the octagon, saying he’ll make his heavyweight debut when he’s “good and ready.”     

The MMA world has waited with bated breath for Jones, who turns 34 next month, to make his long-awaited step up to heavyweight. It’s been almost a year since the widely-regarded GOAT relinquished his light heavyweight title, having last fought in February 2020.

During this long layoff, it almost seems like Jones has embraced the role of professional tweeter, having consistently made the headlines thanks to his many, periodic flurries on the platform.

Back and forths with likely next opponent Francis Nagannou and UFC President Dana White have consistently dominated Jones’ twitter timeline. Many of these tweets were swiftly deleted.

Jon Jones heavyweight
Jon Jones working the pads in his new and improved heavyweight physique (PHOTO: MMA MANIA).

Jon Jones Responds To Criticism Over His Slow Return To The Octagon

Jones’ protracted, very public salary negotiation stand-off with White and the UFC has no doubt slowed his return to the octagon. Amidst his ritually professed intention to ease himself into a heavyweight physique, Jones has adjusted his training accordingly.

In his latest twitter spell, Jones defended his slow and steady approach to making the jump to heavyweight while many of his haters are relishing in the hopes of seeing him lose for the first time. 

“I know lots of them do, that’s why I’m not going to allow anyone to rush me. Becoming a heavy weight is a serious process. Not many people understands what it takes to do it the right way. I’ll be back when I’m good and ready,” tweeted Jones.

Jones opened his most recent Twitter flurry by responding to Anthony Smith’s claims that he had “failed every drug test” in the week of their 2019 fight. “Bones” dismissed the claims with a laughing emoji.

The former 11-time defending light heavyweight champ has since taken to Twitter to post a video announcing the proud birth of his dog’s litter of puppies.

What do you think? Is Jon Jones taking the right approach in delaying his heavyweight debut?