Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Jon Jones Laughs Off Anthony Smith’s Accusation Of Failed Drug Tests

Jon Jones has reacted to Anthony Smith’s hard-hitting accusation with a good, hearty laugh.

Anthony Smith made headlines this week after claiming that Jon Jones failed every drug test during the week of their 2019 fight at UFC 235. Smith claims that he was notified by the Nevada State Athletic Commission every time Jones failed a test.

It’s likely the commission notified Smith of Jones still having picograms of a past banned-substance ingestion show up in these tests in an effort to be aboveboard and ensure that Smith was still comfortable moving forward with the fight. These levels were confirmed by USADA to have no impact on Jon Jones’s performance.

Smith did not provide this context or any other details but left his comments just at that: Jones failed every drug test, and the commission informed him of this every time. Right on cue, Jon Jones took to Twitter to respond to Smith’s comments.

You never really know what tone Jones will arrive with when responding to criticisms from a peer. There’s the Jon Jones who goes hard on the attack and tries to bury his target with insults. There’s the Jones who gets very defensive and presents a counterargument for the public to consider. Finally, there’s the Jon Jones who just gets a kick out of whatever was said and shares his amusement with Twitterland. This was the Jonny Bones that emerged Thursday evening.

“The week of our fight, Jon failed every drug test. Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy (laughing with tears emoji).”

“That was the best part,” Jones said with a double-emoji special after a fan mocked Smith’s claim of the commission calling him with this information.

“Too freaking funny, hope you guys are having a great week. Keep shining, keep working hard everyone.”

Jon Jones defeated Anthony Smith via unanimous decision in this UFC 235 main event two years ago and has now exited the division for a move up to heavyweight. But every now and then, Jones takes the time to look back on the UFC light heavyweight division with a smile, whether it’s brought about by recollecting his past achievements or responding to accusations from a member of the current LHW roster.

What do you make of Jon Jones’s reaction to Anthony Smith’s recent allegation?

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