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Jon Jones Scoffs At Ngannou’s KO Threat In Potential Showdown

Jon Jones is not worried about Francis Ngannou‘s punching power as he gears up in his planned move up to heavyweight.

In a recent tweet that has since been deleted, the former UFC light heavyweight champion and arguable GOAT of MMA Jon Jones let everyone know that he was not particularly worried about the power of heavyweight fighters compared to light heavyweight fighters.

He described them as nine-story buildings (heavyweight) and seven-story buildings (light heavyweight) and said that if you were to fall from either, you were doomed anyway regardless of the difference. In other words, Jones is implying that everyone can knock someone out regardless of their size.

“What’s the difference between falling from a seven story building opposed to a nine story building? You’re screwed either way. Everyone in the UFC has the power to knock you out, Same story different opponent, that’s everyone’s goal. Knock out Jon Jones,” Jones wrote.

Jones went on to post another tweet that has since been deleted, stating that every one of his opponents he has faced inside the octagon had the power to knock him out and somewhat relished at the fact he could count the number of times he has actually been hit clean on one hand. As we know from his career, Jones was never knocked out or lost for that matter, except for the lone disqualification against Matt Hamill back in 2009.

“Pretty much, every dude I’ve ever face had the power to knock me out, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually been hit with a power shot clean,” Jones tweeted.”

Just to reinforce his remarks, Jones mentioned how much of a dangerous knockout artist fighters like Quinton Jackson, Dominick Reyes, and Alexander Gustaffson were at the time they fought him. Nonetheless, Jones reiterated that none of them could knock him out and that it was the same problem with just a different face every time.

“Of course you don’t willingly take punches from anyone. Think about how many people rampage knocked out before facing me, Dominic Reyes knocked out everyone before me, Gus was a knock out machine, none of them could do it. DC, OSP you name them. Same story.”

Jones was last seen in action back in February 2020 when he successfully defended the light heavyweight crown against Dominick Reyes via unanimous decision. Since then, “Bones” vacated his light heavyweight belt after breaking a new record for 14 championship title wins in the UFC and made it clear that he had aspirations of moving up to the heavyweight division to become a two-weight world champion.

Fans are hopeful Jones will be able to face the UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou in a potential superfight; however, negotiations have been quite slow this year. A series of failed negotiations has put the former light heavyweight champion out of the picture as “Bones” revealed that he may return next year, thus delaying his heavyweight debut.

How do you see a fight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou going if they were to fight?

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