Thursday, January 20, 2022

Leon Edwards Blasts Kamaru Usman For Saying He Doesn’t Deserve Title Shot

Leon Edwards has fired back at Kamaru Usman after the champ said he doesn’t deserve a title shot.

At UFC 263, Edwards dominated Nate Diaz for a five-round decision win. However, what most will remember is the final minute where the Stockton native landed a massive shot that rocked the Brit. Yet, Edwards was able to hang on and win a clear-cut decision but according to Usman, he thinks that wasn’t enough to get a title shot.

“That don’t help you,” Usman told ESPN after Leon Edwards won a unanimous decision at UFC 263. “I guess no one deserves it.”

After being told of those comments, Edwards fired back at Usman as he says he’s the only one who deserves it. He’s fought everyone they put in front of him and is unbeaten in his last 10.

Nate Diaz Leon Edwards
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“All these guys making excuses,” Edwards said at the UFC 263 post-fight press conference (via MMAFighting). “They know I’m the real deal. They know I’m the man for the title shot. They’re all b*tching and making excuses and saying ‘he doesn’t deserve it.’ Then who f*cking does? Colby don’t deserve it. [Tyron] Woodley got injured [in their fight] and now [Covington is] deserving a title shot? I didn’t b*tch, I didn’t moan, I took my loss on the chin. I worked my back up to a nine-fight win streak. Who else f*cking deserves it?”

As of right now, Usman doesn’t have his next title defense booked. However, Dana White has been adamant that Covington is next. But, for Edwards, he thinks he has proven his willingness to fight and has backed it up which is why he should rematch Usman.

“I feel I should be next for the title shot,” Edwards said. “That’s nine in a row, 10 in a row, there’s no one else that’s doing what I’m doing. I’ve offered to fight everybody. Khamzat [Chimaev], Diaz, Belal [Muhammad], these guys are not even in the top-10. I’m the one saying yes, everyone else is b*tching and sitting out and complaining. I’m the one showing up and beating these tough guys. I feel I deserve the next shot for sure.”

Do you think Leon Edwards should be next for Kamaru Usman?

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